About us

LEADR NZ is an independent, non-profit, membership-based organisation. We provide training benchmarked against international standards, as well as advice on conflict resolution to our members and the public, including business, government and legal sectors.

We offer real value to all our members and are part of an internationally recognised organisation, LEADR – the largest membership dispute resolution professional organisation in the Asia Pacific. Our mediators are accredited to the highest standard and play key roles on our mediation panels.

LEADR NZ also serves the community by providing mediators, mediation training, facilitation and dispute system design.

High quality education & training:

LEADR NZ provides accredited mediation training for members of the legal and business communities, and plays a key role in fostering the development of mediation through government lobbying and other public initiatives.

Since 1990, LEADR has trained over 4,000 people in mediation, many of whom have made mediation a central part of their career.  The quality of the mediators on our panels reflect the strength of our training, and include retired judges, prominent lawyers and distinguished professionals from other disciplines. LEADR NZ provides a wide range of internationally recognised mediation training and accreditation to our Members in the legal and business communities, and to the public. Our training is benchmarked against international standards. All our mediators are accredited against these high standards, to guarantee their professional credibility and capability.

Our flagship workshop is our 5-Day Mediation Workshop.

Our other workshops include:

  • Winning Strategies at Mediation: Advanced Negotiation and Advocacy Skills

  • Specialised Members’ workshops

  • In-house workshops customised to clients' requirements

  • Collaborative workshops with overseas trainers and organisations

  • Workshops in specialty areas, such as family and interpersonal disputes.

We also list on this website a selection of upcoming conferences and seminars that may be of interest to anyone involved with mediation and other forms of dispute resolution.

International coverage:

We are a financially autonomous division of LEADR (based in Australia), a non-profit membership organisation set up in 1989 to promote the awareness and use of alternative dispute resolution. LEADR has chapters in every State and Territory in Australia as well as this division in New Zealand, and members based in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America. Members of LEADR NZ are also members of LEADR. 

What we stand for:

LEADR NZ is committed to the development and growth of mediation (and mediators), and other effective dispute resolution processes.

Our philosophy:

We believe that parties, with the assistance of a skilled mediator, are best able to develop their own effective solutions.

Alternative dispute resolution processes provide effective ways of dealing with conflict. The main alternative dispute resolution process that LEADR NZ deals with is mediation. In mediation, an independent third party manages a proactive, constructive approach to handling problems and conflict effectively and early. Through this process, the parties involved can look at their choices, make decisions and reach solutions in the light of all the circumstances.  View more information about dispute resolution .

Our purpose:

Our purpose at LEADR NZ is twofold:

  1. to bring mediation and other forms of cost-effective, constructive dispute resolution processes into the mainstream; and

  2. to provide a focal point for dispute resolution professionals.

Our goals:

Our goals are wide-ranging, and include:

  • raising awareness of the benefits of mediation and other effective dispute resolution processes

  • training mediators and others involved in mediation, dispute resolution and conflict management to the highest standards

  • maintaining a strong, supportive membership base

  • administering an accreditation system and maintaining mediator panels to ensure appropriate standards and professional development

  • facilitating mediation and referrals to our consumers, reducing the cost of conflict

  • developing and maintaining links with businesses, government bodies, professions, legislators and interest groups in encouraging the use of mediation

  • fostering best mediation practice. 

Disciplinary code for members:

The LEADR Board has disciplinary procedures for use in the event of a Member bringing LEADR into disrepute. It covers unprofessional conduct in the course of a mediation, abuse of LEADR's Ethical Standards and any other action which may have a negative impact on the organisation or its standing in the community as a professional organisation.

Download Compliments, Suggestions and Complaints.

*In Australia LEADR is a recognised accrediting agency pursuant to the only relevant legislation (Mediation Act 1997(ACT). 

Ethical Standards & Conflict of Interest:

LEADR members are subject to clearly stated obligations of ethical behaviour. Failure to comply with these requirements can be the cause of action by the Board to initiate disciplinary processes.       Download Ethical Standards 2012 document    and   Download Conflict of Interest Policy

 Services for the public:

  • General information and advice on mediation and other conflict management processes

  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution facilitation

  • Mediation training and seminars – both courses for the public and customised, 'in-house' workshops

  • Access to accredited mediators

  • Access to specialist alternative dispute resolution panels – we will match your requirements (in terms of cost, area and experience) to our panels of independent, accredited mediators and give you a selection of mediators to choose from

  • Complimentary speaker – on request, one of our mediators will come and speak to any organisation about mediation and alternative dispute resolution for up to 45 minutes for no charge. More and more mediation is being used in businesses and the community as a process that enables those in conflict to make the best possible decisions for themselves in the light of all the circumstances. It is cost effective – saving time and money. Yet there is still some confusion about what mediation is, what it can do (what it can’t do) and how it can be used to good effect. Please contact us to arrange a suitable speaker.

Services for members:

The following are specialist workshops for members of LEADR NZ:

  • Microskills one-day in-depth workshop – with Bradley Chenoweth, an in-house trainer from LEADR in Australia
  • Refresher workshops – these are usually held every two months in Auckland and Wellington

  • Membership of the largest dispute resolution organisation in the southern hemisphere

  • The opportunity to advertise as a LEADR accredited mediator on our Find a Mediator page, on LEADR's website and other directories, and to use the LEADR logo on business cards and stationary

  • The opportunity to become an accredited mediator and to sit on specialist panels

  • Acclaimed professional development through workshops, training courses, conferences and seminars

  • Eligibility for reduced rates on LEADR’s Professional Liability Insurance

  • Bi-monthly newsletter, Table Talk, sent by email

  • Access to professional mediation supervision (more details below).

  • Access to members-only information and resources on this website

  • Networking opportunities through local committees

  • A voice for representation and promotion of mediation and alternative dispute resolution

  • Standard-setting for mediation processes and skills

  • Discounts on books, courses, conferences and events as negotiated by LEADR or LEADR NZ.


To meet the need for professional mediation supervision and to assure that LEADR-accredited mediators deliver a robust service, we provide training for mediators in mediator supervision.

The central focus of supervision is the quality of practice offered to the parties in mediation. Supervision can provide educational, personal and administrative support for mediators. Beyond basic training, quality mediation depends on the mediator’s personal qualities and skills, ethics, judgment and self-awareness of his/her practice on the parties. The opportunity to reflect on one’s practice, with a peer or more experienced mediator, can only lead to a better service and more party and mediator satisfaction.

Supervision is not a quick friendly talk about how to approach a problem (this need will continue to be met by LEADR NZ’s Friends’ list). Supervision is a structured, pre-arranged session, the purpose of which is to increase the professional development and standard of practice of the mediator.   To find out more, contact us or download our list of trained mediator supervisors.