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LEADR* accreditation is accepted as the benchmark for much of the mediation and alternative dispute resolution industry. Developing standards and accrediting those that reach them is an important part of our work. It enables users of mediation to have some comfort when appointing an accredited mediator, and is an important part of the professional credibility (and marketability) of our mediators.

Achieving accreditation

Mediators can achieve two levels of accreditation:

  1. Accredited LEADR Mediator

  2. LEADR Advanced Mediator.

To become accredited, or retain accreditation, mediators have to undertake continuing professional development and have their continuing competency monitored.

The LEADR accreditation committee, based in Australia, makes decisions on accreditation. The current committee includes:

  • Sir Laurence Street, KCMG (Chair)

  • Hon John Clarke, QC (Vice-Chair)

  • Dr Malcom Stuart, business professional
  • Ms Carol Powell, mediator

  • Ms Franca Petrone, academic and dispute resolution practitioner.

About the accreditation scheme

LEADR NZ’s current accreditation scheme has a competency-based, and hence universal, accreditation structure. It is based on standards used by Australian Central Territories (ACT).

LEADR accreditation means that people can be assured that our mediators and advanced mediators have a high standard of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, and meet competency standards that apply across Australasia.

Mediators who have not undertaken LEADR training may still become LEADR accredited, subject to submission of the appropriate exemption form to the LEADR accreditation committee. Please contact us for more information about this.


To become accredited as a mediator, you must undertake assessment of some approved sort. These are set out in clause 9 of the LEADR accreditation scheme.

One option is to, in addition to fulfilling other requirements, undertake a simulated roleplay that is either "live" (ie with assessor present) or recorded onto DVD. We can arrange this, so do contact us for more information and check out our Training and events diary for scheduled dvd/live assessment dates and more information about assessment and role-playing.