NZ Lawyer article: Mixing with the grown-ups

Mark Beech, Chair of LEADR NZ, reflects on greater court srutiny for mediation and the implications and opportunities for practitioners.

NZ Lawyer, Issue 181 dated 5 April 2012, page 20.

Article:   Mixing with the grown-ups

Have you checked your mediation agreement lately?

Maria Dew outlines a recent test on mediation's confidentiality and privilege in New Zealand's courts. Read article here.

Maria Dew is a Barrister and Mediator with Bankside Chambers and a LEADR accredited member. In 2010, she was a mediator appointed in the High Court Civil Mediation Pilot.

This article was first published in LEADR NZ newsletter, Table Talk in December 2010.

Marjorie Corman Aaron

Click on the link below for Chapter 13 of "The Handbook of Dispute Resolution" entitled:

Finding Settlement with Numbers, Maps and Trees

Presented to LEADR Wellington network meeting on 25 May 2009.

Post-Tsunami Mediation in Aceh & Sri Lanka

by Naomi Johnstone - Nov 2008

Naomi Johnstone who is a final year LLB (Hons) and BA student at Otago University has taken a break from studies this year to undertake unpaid internships with UNORC (a United Nations Agency) in Aceh and with an international NGO in Sri Lanka. In her article Naomi describes the use of mediation in resolving post-Tsunami disputes.

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Critical Mediation Issues: NZ Literature and Practice

by Kay Hewitt - Jan 2008

Kay completed this research project for the Victoria University Masters of Public Policy.  The objective of this research was to explore whether or not the issues raised in the NZ mediation literature correctly reflected the issues raised by mediators in practice - and to take those issues mediators said were significant in practice, and find out what practitioners saw as the best option(s) for mitigating any risks.

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It's Not Litigation in Mufti

by Anne O'Brien - Feb 2008

An article from Anne O'Brien, a Barrister and Panel member of LEADR regarding the Court of Appeal decision in the case of Hildred v Strong (2007).

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New Zealand's Environment Court - Annexed Mediation

by Marlene Oliver - Dec 2007

Implementing Sustainability - New Zealand's Environment Court Annexed Mediation

Marlene Oliver is the Environment Commissioner, Environment Court of NZ. This paper was presented to the Indian Society of International Law (ISIL) Fifth International Conference on International Environmental Law, 8 - 9 December 2007, New Delhi, India

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Conference Resolution e-Journal,1 (June 2007)

Please click onto the following link for the June 2007 issue of Conflict Resolution e-Journal for June 2007:

See page 20 for the article:

 "Performance Measurement Considerations for Dispute System Designers - what gets measured gets managed, what is managed can be improved.

by Rob Warner


LEADR propositions on power imbalance

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