Marketing Monday

Free weekly tip sheet available by subscription from Golden Media, an American organisation that says it is a 'finely-tuned orchestra of highly skilled, seasoned marketing professionals who have worked together marketing and promoting the Conflict Resolution industry for more than a decade. Aside from being professional marketers, our team has been trained in arbitration and mediation in the United States and in Europe. This unique approach to marketing provides a distinct advantage for our clients.'

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Confidentiality - two perspectives

Two analyses of confidentiality in mediation. One an in-depth background from Fiona Crosbie, a partner of a Sydney lawfirm, and one from Marie Weavers, a Victoria University law student.

Confidentiality - Fiona Crosbie (PDF)

Confidentiality in Mediation - Marie Weavers (PDF) 

Mediation Privilege in the Environment Court

The Environmental Court juggles with the complexity of Confidentiality

In this recent article published in LawTalk 618 page 9 (16 Feb 2004), LEADR member Mark von Dadelzsen discusses Mediation Privilege in the Environment Court.

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Desert Island Questions for Mediators

Written for by Geoff Sharp

When I was a wee lad, I drove others nuts by asking questions. They were, I am told, good open ones usually starting ".... but, why?" As time passed, I grew into a know-it-all teen and forgot about asking questions, more intent on doing the telling.

Now at age 40 and in my role as a commercial mediator, I seem to have come full circle and once again appreciate the value of the well-timed, well-constructed question aimed at the essence of a discussion.

So what are my all-time favourites?

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Mediation - can we ignore it?

By Susan Freeman-Greene

(Published in NZ Lawyer June 2001)

Neither the concept nor the practice of mediation is new. Throughout history third parties have engaged in assisting others resolve their disputes.

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