About mediation

Mediation: The process by which the participants together with the assistance of a neutral person or persons, systematically isolate disputed issues in order to develop options, consider alternatives and reach a consensual agreement that will accommodate their needs.
(Folberg and Taylor)

Mediation is an effective, pragmatic and constructive process with high success – and satisfaction – rates. It takes a cooperative, problem-solving approach, by which neutral third party mediator helps the disputing parties find constructive solutions to problems and make informed decisions. Any agreement reached is that of the parties alone.

What does a mediator do?

A mediator helps to:

  • isolate systematically the issues in dispute

  • develop and explore options for resolution

  • find a solution which meets the needs and interests of the parties involved.

A mediator does not:

  • impose a solution

  • coerce the parties into an agreement

  • make substantive decisions for the parties

  • give legal advice.

Why mediate?