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Our membership is important to us and we pride ourselves on offering real value to members.

Becoming a member of LEADR gives you access to a wide range of services, training and other benefits. You’ll be kept up-to-date with current thinking on mediation, and have networking and professional development opportunities through which you can share experiences and ideas with others with an interest in mediation.

Our membership fees provide part of our funding and enable us to contribute to the growth of constructive dispute resolution. We depend on them.

Categories of Membership

We have five categories of Membership and associated fees. These are linked to accreditation status, as our accredited mediators receive additional benefits.

Category Your status Fee (inc 15% GST)
Advanced Mediators

You have met and maintain the accreditation criteria set out in the accreditation scheme for our Advanced Panel.

Accredited Mediators

You have met and maintain the criteria set out in the accreditation scheme for our LEADR Panel. 


(aka Ordinary)

Entitles you to all Member benefits other than those related to accreditation.

Affiliate Members

You belong to one of these groups currently approved by our board. Certain rules apply – contact us for more information.

Student Members You are enrolled as a full-time student. $54.15