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Conflict Competent Leadership: Making the most of conflict within organisations

Conflict is inevitable in our workplaces. It exists at the heart of some of the best ideas and innovations. It can also be at the centre of some of our deepest problems and worst failures. Great leaders have a range of constructive responses to effectively deal with conflict dependent on each situation.


This workshop will assist you to manage differences, disagreements and disputes so as to harness the power of conflict to create dynamic, innovative teams and organisations.


On this workshop participants will:

  • Discover their own approach to conflict and examine their skills and preferences for dealing with conflict situations
  • Become aware of some of the typical causes of conflicts, including ambiguity around roles, priorities and resources; unclear communication, lack of transparency in decisions, and avoidance
  • Identify and explore how conflict can be a positive force within your team and organisation
  • Learn practical skills and interventions for addressing 'niggles' and problems at an early stage, before they escalate
  • Develop and practice skills for having challenging conversations and delivering 'hard to hear' messages
  • Understand the impact of brain functioning and neurological responses to stress and high emotion often present in conflict situations
  • Learn new ways to deal with difficult situations and disputes constructively.


Who would benefit from this workshop?

This in-house workshop provides essential skills and knowledge for those with leadership responsibilities.  It  is also relevant to staff working at all levels who want to improve their understanding and strategies for effectively handling conflict.

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