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Neuro Competency for Conflict Situations

This workshop will further your understanding of how our emotional, social and cognitive brain functions, to create the best possible environment for making decisions while experiencing conflict.

An interactive workshop, it will increase your awareness about what is happening in yours and others brains during conflict situations, including when experiencing the impact of change and organisaitonal restructure.


Participants will learn:

In this one-day workshop participants will:

  • Learn information on neurological responses to stress and high emotion
  • Gain new insights into our own response, preferences and practices and how we analyse the behaviour of others
  • Consider how the human brain processes information when we try to make a decision and explore ideas around the impact of choice
  • Identify the ideal environment for optimal brain function
  • Consider ways to structure processes to meet the challenges identified.


The facilitators:

Carol Powel works as a professional mediator, facilitator and trainer, presenting workshops in managing conflict and communications.  Carol is a LEADR Director and is on the International Standards Committee of the International Institute of Mediators.

Anna Quinn is a leading trainer in dispute resolution in New Zealand and Vice Chair of the LEADR NZ Board.  She has trained at or designed hundreds of workshops on dispute resolution on topics including communication, negotiation, facilitation, mediation and restorative justice.


Who would benefit from this workshop?

This workshop is beneficial for anyone involved in organisational change or conflict resolution.  


What others have said:

"Dynamic, new and exciting session."

"Excellent, interactive and informative."

"This session was excellent because it was innovative and presented new knowledge..."


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