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Smart Advisor: Tips for Professional Advisors

When is mediation the best approach to resolve a dispute?

What are the different roles in the process, including that of HR Advisor, legal advisor and support person?

How can you best prepare others and yourself for mediation?

This workshop will assist you to better service your organisation's interests and make the most of mediation for both the organisation and the employee.

Participants will learn

This course, available as a one-day workshop, provides both the theory and essential skills for professional advisors in relation to mediation.

  • Know when to choose mediation as a means to resolve a dispute
  • Understand how mediation fits under the Employment Relations Act
  • Be familiar with the different roles in the mediation process and how best to prepare themselves and others for mediation
  • Understand the stages of mediation and gain an overview of the 'LEADR model' of mediation
  • Enhance their own skills so that they can add value to the process
  • Identify the issues in a dispute and discover ways to find settlement options
  • Become familiar with common mediation issues such as imbalance of power, the presence of emotion, dealing with difficult behaviours in mediation, the impact of cultural differences, ethical concerns, and how to rebuild trust and cooperation when the parties must work together again.


Who would benefit?

This course has been successfully delivered to HR Advisors and to junior and intermediate solicitors. It is also suitable for advocates who provide support for people during the mediation process.


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