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Basic Knowledge About RC Cars

Toy cars which are controlled by distance are widely known as radio control or remote control cars. They are made with the usage of a particular transmitter. RC cars NZ may be connected to the controller in two ways: either by a wire or by a radio link.

Various types of motors can drive such toys. Let us give them a closer look.

- Hobby-grade RC cars. These are widely known as "ready-to-run" cars ("RTR"). This type of vehicles requires little work from its owner before starting to use them. They are sold fully assembled, and you need to buy and install batteries.

- Electric models. These use either electronic or mechanical speed control units that allow adjusting the power that is coming to the motor. There is a dependence between the engine and the throttle: the harder you pull the trigger, the higher the speed you get.

- Nitro-powered models. Nitro powered models are working with the use of a single servo which provides the control of brake preventing;

- Gasoline models. Gasoline vehicles use gasoline and oil for its work. They are rather expensive and may cost three times as much as nitro and electric cars. They are quite big and need more running space.

And evidently before choosing a particular type or model of an RC car you need to decide, at what surface you are going to drive it. There are two basic types of them: on-road and off-road.

On-road cars require smooth surfaces, for instance, carpet, paved roads or asphalt. You will be satisfied with their speed potential. They are considered to be drifting models as they correctly maneuver around corners.

Off-road cars will cope with any rough surface where on-road vehicles will not be able to run. They are perfect for those who prefer to jump around on rocks than to drive down the street.

You might be surprised at a price for some RC cars; they can be rather expensive. So you need to be sure what functions you need and what you may omit. Furthermore there exist individual RC cars for beginners, and you may change it as your experience level rises. And if you spend enough time for your hobby, you will be surprised that the need for new and more powerful remote control car very much resembles the need for a more powerful drive-you-to-work vehicle.