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Community Engagement: Practical consultation and negotiation skills

This workshop provides a framework and skills for practical consultation with stakeholders and community groups

About this workshop

On this workshop participants will:

  • Learn questions to ask and things to consider when preparing for a facilitation or negotiation
  • Discuss ways to manage community or multi-party meetings and disputes
  • Identify the types of behaviour you find difficult to deal with and gain skills to manage these
  • Learn a process for negotiating principled, ethical outcomes.  

Who would benefit from this training?

This workshop is designed for people whose work requires negotiation and facilitation, particularly where maintaining relationships is a necessary or desirable outcome. This may include: mediators, facilitators, lawyers, planners, environmental managers, community development officers and others whose work requires collaboration with community and diverse groups.The skills will enable you to prepare for and manage community or multi-party meetings and disputes, and negotiate principled, ethical outcomes.

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